Traffic Lights Mystery

Traffic Lights Mystery

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Safety theme tricks are always popular with parents and school teachers. Here is a winner based on our popular effect Rabbit Twist.

You show a set of Traffic Lights; red, amber & green circles (they are circles not egg shapes as shown in our illustration) one below the other on a white card, approx 10.5” x 6” and laminated with bound edges for long life.

After explaining the order of red, amber and green and the importance of obeying this sequence when stopped at traffic lights, you offer to show how you can magically change that order – and you do so, they now read from the top green, amber and red and then for good measure you change them back again to their original red, amber and green order. You can repeat this several times.

Unfortunately you don’t fool anyone as it is obvious you are just turning the card over from end to end.

So you offer to make the traffic lights magically change to a different order, “Where would you like the red light to appear at the top or at the bottom?” Everyone calls back, “In the middle!” You complain that you never mentioned the middle but to no avail, the entire audience insists – so you pass the card behind your back and sure enough the red light is in the middle. Again you change it back to the correct order and you can repeat this as many times as you wish but the children are not fooled even the little ones know that you are just turning the card around behind your back and they tell you so in no uncertain terms!

But you insist that it is all done by magic – so the children demand to see the other side of the card. Now follows the popular, “turn it around” business – which you of course misunderstand and simply rotate the card in a circle without showing the opposite side. “Show us the back”, cry the audience – so you show them YOUR back, still keeping the rear of the card concealed!

Finally you do get the message they wish to see the opposite side of the card, so slowly and reluctantly you show the opposite side – which proves to be a multitude of small different coloured circles, which you explain you were reluctant to show as the audience always end up with “spots before their eyes” bringing this hilarious and enjoyable routine to a suitable climax!

Traffic Lights Mystery is not just confined to your children’s shows; adults will find themselves also caught up in this effective and novel routine! Great fun!

Supplied complete and ready to perform & very easy to do!

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