Horrors - Mr E

Horrors - Mr E

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Tricks with a horror theme are always well received – this is one of the best!

You place a laminated white card (approx 5.5” x 3.75”) face down on the table as your prediction, and then introduce five more similar laminated cards each a different colour.

These five cards contain several words that will conjure up various horrors in the average mind, words such as Murder, Ghost, Skeleton and so forth – there are twenty-eight different horror words in all.

Your victim freely and mentally selects one of the words and removes all the cards on which her mentally selected word appears. You announce that the chosen word will be on your prediction card and when you turn this over you are right; as all the twenty-eight words appear on the card!

Just when the audience think it is all some kind lame joke – you ask your victim to concentrate on the freely and mentally selected word.

Let us say the word she is merely concentrating on is VAMPIRE, but remember it can be any one of twenty-eight horror words and only this one person truly know which word they have chosen.

You start to get impressions, “I have a feeling it is the dead of night and I am alone in my bed, suddenly I get the feeling that there is something or someone in the room with me – I am so scared I cannot move – a weight presses down upon me – something sharp bites my neck and I feel my blood draining from my body...the word that comes to my mind is ...VAMPIRE!”

Comes complete with laminated cards (5.5” x 3.75”) & instructions.

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