Card Stab

Card Stab

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Here is an effect that you will feature in all your cabaret, stage and close-up shows – we can think of no other trick, save possibly the card sword, that is so dramatic and guaranteed to produce spontaneous audience applause!

A playing card is freely chosen with the cards in the spectator’s own hands. The spectator may then sign the card boldly across its face with a pen and tear one index corner from the card before shuffling it back into the pack. The pack is then slipped inside its box and a rubber band keeps it firmly closed.

The pack is now openly dropped inside a paper bag or envelope and a dagger or knife pushed through the paper leaving it dangling from the knife and a spectator is given the bundle to hold.

The spectator names their freely chosen card and holding only the handle of the knife you rip it up and out of the paper bag to reveal the correct chosen card is now firmly impaled on the blade of the knife – the signature can be checked by the audience member and the torn corner exactly fits the chosen card!

The effect using Eddie’s specially gimmicked secret something makes Card Stab very easy to do – no palming or similar sleights are used. No wax or sticky substances required.

The gimmick can also be used for a card in balloon effect, which is also fully described.

Comes with a pack of cards & instructions. Use your own knife, marking pen & paper bag.
Not sold to juveniles.

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