Repeat Card To Wallet - plus the One Armed Magician

Repeat Card To Wallet - plus the One Armed Magician

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Incorporating the one-armed magician routine, this is an excellent effect that is ideal for table-hopping or close-up performances.

A small and secure plastic wallet is placed in full view on the table. Any spectator selects a playing card, which promptly vanishes from the pack. Any other spectator opens the wallet to find a small envelope inside which when opened it is found to contain the missing playing card.

A second spectator now chooses a different card and inserts it face upwards in the face down pack. Again the chosen card vanishes and both faces and backs of the full pack can be shown.

Any spectator can now open the wallet to discover the missing chosen card inside!

The one armed magician: Tell your audience about a magician who performs card magic and only has one arm. Offer to demonstrate using just one arm and place your right hand into your pocket out of play.

Your left hand holds the deck and anyone peeps and remembers a card. A mystic pass with your left hand and the card has completely vanished from the pack. Remove your right hand from your pocket containing the missing card!

Two superb feature effects that you will delight in performing and will do so often.

Comes with the unfaked wallets, a security trombone style clamp and the special something that makes it easy to do and a delight to use. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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