Contacting the Dead - Mr E Exclusive

Contacting the Dead - Mr E Exclusive

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You show several picture cards of famous deceased people from history & show-business and lighting a candle for effect, you ask a spectator to mentally select any one of the characters. There is no force, and nothing is written down.

The pictures are then displayed face-up on the table making a circle of the departed around the candle and the participant is asked to imagine details of her secretly chosen celebrity in her mind.

Strangely you get the impression of a shadowy figure standing behind your volunteer, let’s say she is thinking of Winston Churchill, you get strong impressions of cigar smoke, war and conflict and you write something down on a large artist’s pad (not supplied).

As you talk the audience also tunes in to the impressions you suggest leading to the point where the participant names the person she is thinking of, and you show that this is the very name you have written on your pad!

This effect is startling and relies on your ability to act and apparently see the late famous character, describing them to a point that some of the audience will imagine they can see the person behind your volunteer themselves, it requires showmanship and isn’t for everyone, but it is easy to do allowing you to concentrate on the presentation, making a stunning change from the more usual mentalists’ tricks & ideal for Halloween and similar spooky occasions.

Sold for entertainment purposes only. Not sold to minors.

Comes with laminated picture cards of deceased famous people their names printed boldly beneath their images & instructions.

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