Square to Circle Bag

Square to Circle Bag

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Four squares of material change to one larger circle of material in a small change bag.

When the change bag, which is also square, is turned inside out, it too has mysteriously changed to a circle, a most surprising effect!

Please note the bag starts off as a proper square and ends up as a proper circle - not as in the picture which has distorted itself somewhat.

The square bag is shown empty by turning it inside out, it is then turned right side out, and one by one, four squares of material are placed into the empty pocket.

Attention is drawn to the fact that the bag is square and that you have placed four squares inside it. The bag is now turned inside out again, however this time inside is one round or circle of cloth made up of the four different colours of the original squares.

The bag is turned inside out a second time and actually this too has turned "round".

This is a delightful and baffling effect. Wonderful for pre-school shows where the children are learning shapes. Square to Circle Bag is also suitable for any type of audience.

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