Blinkety Blank

Blinkety Blank

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Carry Blinkety Blank in your pocket and you are already to show an intriguing effect, anywhere-anytime!

From a small plastic wallet you remove & show one blank-backed regular card and four double blank cards. Please note that only five cards are used in this routine.

The blank-backed card with a face is now mixed in with the other four and then all five cards are spread blank side uppermost then a spectator is asked to try and pick out the card with a face.

To everyone’s surprise the spectator does so again and again!

Finally you say you will show them how to pick out the face card by magic but your attempt to do so fails completely and you end up with a double-sided blank card.

“I really cannot understand how I missed,” you say, “since I had four cards with faces upon them to choose from!” So saying you show the other four cards now all have the same faces!

Blinkety Blank is a sort of perverse magic effect that knocks everyone for six and is completely unexpected. Face cards will vary from set to set.

Very easy to do requiring no sleight of hand and can be reset in a moment, it is perfect for walkabout, close-up and street magic.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards, a small PVC wallet & instructions.

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