Slithering Snake

Slithering Snake

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During the 1950s, I was fortunate enough to see a magician on TV performing an effect in which a mechanical clockwork chicken discovered a selected card.

I think he used a Svengali pack and several duplicates were set out in a ring for the chicken to peck at. No matter where the chicken stopped it was of course next to a card – which was a duplicate of the selected one.

Since that time I have always been on the lookout for clockwork novelties and have used many over the years to duplicate this effect.

Without question the wind-up Caterpillar we offered has been the most amusing and popular with audiences of all ages. (See elsewhere of this website under Caterpillar)

We now introduce his brother a wind-up Slithering Snake.
I have also adapted an idea from a Douglas Hood trick that uses any regular pack, allowing the spectator a free selection of playing card from a well shuffled and shown deck.

Comes with the chunky wind-up 14.5cm Slithering Snake with snake-like markings along its back & an ingenious wind-up movement that makes its body slither & his tongue flick in & out, Douglas Hood’s secret & a clever idea by Ali Bongo. Colour of Slithering Snake may vary.

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