Lazy Magicians' Card Trick!

Lazy Magicians' Card Trick!

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Magic that happens in your spectator’s own hands is always most effective, this is the ULTIMATE of such an effect as you do nothing whatsoever!

The great Magician and showman Dante made a reputation with his Lazy Magician effect using ropes and silks. Lazy Magicians’ Card Trick is along the same lines and could be a winner in your shows, both close-up, cabaret or stage.

A spectator is given a large prediction envelope and a shuffled pack of playing cards, a second spectator is given an instruction script for the Lazy Magicians’ Card Trick. The script is A4 size and laminated as you will use it often.

The first spectator carries out the simple instructions read out loud by the second spectator, to enable a playing card to be chosen, while you, the magician, sit back and relax, taking no part in the proceedings whatsoever! It is clear to your audience that the selected card is chosen entirely by chance and that you can have no control over the outcome.

Following the script, the spectator opens the prediction envelope which has been in full view and is not touched by you, they find just a single jumbo size card inside, this to everyone's utter bewilderment exactly matches the chosen card!

Comes with three jumbo prediction cards, an A4 laminated script that is easy for the spectators to both read and follow & instructions. Use any pack of regular playing cards.

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