Time For Tea

Time For Tea

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Here is an amusing card effect that has stood the test of time. First marketed by Douglas Hood as one of his celebrated HoodWink Miracles. All rights purchased by Eddie Burke.

To a neat patter story about a workman who came to do a job at your home together with his two mates, you show three cards, two are spot cards (the mates) and one is a picture or Joker card (the workman).

As the story progresses the three cards are turned face down and a spectator attempts to find the elusive workman, but to no avail; he has vanished without a trace leaving a blank card in his place – all three cards can now be examined without a clue to where the workman went.

Finally he turns up in the most unexpected place having a cup of tea!

This is one of the most effective three-card tricks of all times, the vanish of the workman card is most baffling and all that can be desired, the method has fooled many a magician as well as members of the general public.

The finish is a real laughter maker!

Comes with the necessary cards plus instructions.

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