Official Magician Badges set of 4

Official Magician Badges set of 4

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Wear this laminated badge that hangs on a cord around your neck (approx 10cm x 14cm) and everyone will recognise you as the Official Magician showing your magic around the party, tables or restaurant.

No need for introductions; the badge says it all!

These badges are very effective tricks in themselves as when you turn each over there is either a picture of their chosen card or a pocket that contains any card you prefer, or even a previous borrowed banknote on the back!

We give you FOUR different badges in each set so that you can change things around from table to table.

The set of four badges that we supply show one each of the following on their individual opposite sides:

You chose the: Two of Spades, Eight of Diamonds, & Queen of Hearts.

Or with a pocket for any card you like, or even the reappearance of a borrowed and vanished banknote in the pocket, the last three figures of the number which were written down at the start by the lender.

Official Magician Badges are a great ice-breaker for parties, close-up, hotel & restaurant shows – all you need is the ability to force a card or vanish a banknote (we supply effective methods) and you are officially in show business!

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