Flexi-Flyer Prediction

Flexi-Flyer Prediction

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Small enough to carry in your pocket and yet large enough to present on stage, cabaret or at parties and events even close-up; anytime – anywhere!

Flexi-Flyer Prediction uses three different coloured flexible flying rings that each spring from a tiny 8cm pocket pouch into a full-size 22cm disc.

The flexi-flyers are skimmed out into the audience to be caught by different people, who are then invited to step forwards and hold them in front of their bodies facing the audience like the steering wheel of a car.

A fourth member of the audience, without leaving their seat, is invited to name one of the three colours and no force is used.

Immediately and without hesitation you show your prediction which has been in full view at all times – you have correctly predicted in advance the very colour just freely chosen by the spectator!

*Prediction can be freely examined and left with the audience!
*No special skill is required; the effect is dead easy to do!
*100% certain – cannot possibly fail!
*No, there are no predictions on the flexi-flyers so these can be examined also!
*A truly stunning feature mental effect!

Comes complete with three different coloured flexi-flyers, unfaked large prediction bag & instructions.

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