Swallowing an Inflated Balloon

Swallowing an Inflated Balloon

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A best seller. As seen on TV!

You take a full size 240 modelling balloon and inflate it, tying it off at its neck.

Tilting your head backwards you place one end of the balloon into your mouth, sword swallower-style – and then s l o w l y feed it into your mouth until you appear to have swallowed the full size inflated balloon.

Your mouth can now be shown to be empty – there is no sign of the balloon.

While this can be presented as a light-hearted gag item in your act, nevertheless it is very puzzling and has baffled some of the best brains in magic.

Regular 240 modelling balloons are used that are available from any magic shop or online.

Nevertheless, we supply you with a number to practice with together with details of 'something' that enables you to perform this with even a borrowed 240 balloon.

Important: Eddie Burke purchased all rights to this effect from the originator in the 1960s no one else has the rights to sell or reveal this secret to others. Please respect our proprietary.

Sorry not sold to juveniles.

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