S-No-w Cards - New Low Price!

S-No-w Cards - New Low Price!

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Explaining that you came across a few odd playing cards and didn’t quite know what to do with them, you show a fantastic close-up packet trick that leaves your audience both totally bewildered and perplexed!

Several odd Bicycle cards are shown back and front and then split into two packets which are mixed together some faces upwards and some faces downwards.

A spectator chooses any face up card and this is immediately removed from the packet and the spectator asked if they notice anything different between their chosen card and the others.

They have to answer no, so you immediately turn the card face down to show it is the only card with a red back among all the blue backed cards, but that is not all.

When the rest of the cards are individually shown all of them now have blank faces, but again that is not all.

The spectator’s freely chosen card is also shown to now have a blank face – and what is more, the back of this card which was previously red has now turned into a blue back and the cards are now shown one by one to have a blank face and a blue back! (Colours may vary from set to set).

Not difficult to do with just a little handling practice, spend a pleasant half-hour or so learning it and you will have a winner that you can show anywhere-anytime!

No rough & smooth or sticky stuff is used. Always ready!
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