Mentalist Badge

Mentalist Badge

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Mentalist Badge is the most stunning prediction effect for walkabout, close-up, table-hopping, cabaret or party entertainers, guaranteed to be one of the most talked about effects in your repertoire!

Walk up to any group of people and draw their attention to the large (approx. 10 x 14 cm) laminated Mentalist Entertainer badge hanging on a cord around your neck and you have immediately caught their attention.

Show a packet of playing cards to be all different and well mixed, laying them onto the table in full view of everyone and then request any spectator to name any number between one and ten – and they do, it is definitely their own free choice; no force.

Immediately the cards are handed to the spectator who counts them one-by-one to their freely chosen number, showing their selected card to everyone.

All the cards can be carefully checked and there are no duplicates or fake cards among them.

Without hesitation or messing about you show the back of your Mentalist Entertainer badge which has been hanging around your neck in full view right from the beginning, also hanging behind it from same the cord is a clear plastic pouch and isolated inside is a single playing card which is an exact match of the card found at the spectator’s freely chosen number!

Comes complete with all the cards and the Mentalist Badge which is useful in many other effects that we explain, a truly miracle type prediction effect!

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