Telepathic Mind Control - Mre

Telepathic Mind Control - Mre

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Telepathic Mind Control is ideal to carry in your pocket and perform anywhere at anytime; cabaret, stage or close-up!

You show some small cards that contain several Psychic Tests that two people can carry out, tests like ‘Stroke your partner’s hair’ or ‘Cover your partner’s ears with your hands’.

There are twelve different tests to choose from.

You pass them to a spectator who is asked to choose any one item from the cards and to concentrate upon it – imagining they are actually carrying out that test with their spouse.

Slowly as if reading their mind you write your impressions down on a pad which you leave closed and sight unseen in full view.

The spectator who has made their mental choice is encouraged to carry out their freely chosen Psychic Test –let’s say they go over to their spouse and kiss them on the forehead!

Immediately anyone can open the pad to show that you have written ‘You will kiss your partner’s forehead’

Repeat it immediately but this time the cards that contain their new choice of test can be hidden in their pocket so as to give you no clue and the test is carried out between two strangers and yet you can still reveal their choice exactly!

Eddie has been baffling audiences with this little wonder for years and is releasing this marvellous effect for the very first time.

The special Psychic Test Cards that we supply have been made even more deceptive than ever before – you will simply amaze everyone with no clue to the mystery, yet it is very easy to do.

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