Pirates' Loot

Pirates' Loot

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A hoard of shiny gold and silver (plastic) doubloons accompanied by a blood red, velour, drawstring purse. Lightweight so they are perfect to carry in your pocket for close-up and table hopping!

Pirates’ Loot is a series of three amazing effects using some imitation Pirate Coins, half of which are gold and the other half silver.

The tricks are easy to do and can be presented either as individual items on their own or as a fantastic complete three-part act!

*Effect No 1. An amazing trick when you can tell exactly how many coins a spectator has hidden in their hand – and repeat it.
*Effect No 2, A wonderfully clever prediction routine.
*Effect No 3. Al Koran’s Incredible Jackpot Coins.

Comes with coins, velvet bag & instructions. Bag approx 15.5cm long, coins 3cm in diameter.

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