Doctor Q's Mystery

Doctor Q's Mystery

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Doctor Q’s Mystery is a remarkable trick that can be performed with a variety of objects such as coins, cards, beads, jewellery and many other items from your spectators’ pockets, purse or wallet!

Comes with quality mini Bicycle playing cards but once you understand the simple, clever principle involved, you can adapt it in so many different ways.

Offering to show a mystery first taught to you by a rather reclusive Dr. Q a spectator shuffles a number of mini-sized playing cards and then makes a face up circle of twelve to represent a clock face, to which you add a face down tail.

Any spectator simply thinks of a number and with your back turned to the events they count to that card in the circle and, still with your back turned, you instantly tell them the name of the card they have landed upon.

A few more cards are added to the mystical Q shape and another spectator thinks of a number, while your back is turned they count to that card and also remember it. But then a second card is also selected and the spectator remembers both the cards.

Passing the outstretched palm of your hand mysteriously around the circle, you turn cards face down one by one until only the two mentally thought of cards are left faces upwards, concluding an amazing demonstration of your pseudo Psychic ability!

You will be delighted at the simplicity of working and the strong effect Doctor Q’s Mystery has on your spectators; they will remember it for years!

Comes with the unfaked mini-sized Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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