Voodoo Cards

Voodoo Cards

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Talking about Voodoo and its ability to always find the enemy and duly punish them – you show a pack of playing cards to be well mixed and with normal backs.

Two cards are now freely selected one is designated as the Voodoo card and the other as the victim, these are mixed with a number of others.

In the mock Voodoo ceremony that follows several cards are eliminated by chance as being good Voodoo followers, until only two cards remain – these prove to be the Voodoo man and his victim. But there is more to come:

When the good Voodoo followers’ discarded cards are shown they are all blank – or alternatively you can have the word voodoo printed in blood red ink on each!

Instead of Voodoo you could patter about the International Police Force and have suitable words such as ‘Under Arrest’ on the blank cards.

Other variations can be Happy Birthday or other celebrations, or even the name of your sponsor at corporate functions.

Comes with the special pack of playing cards so you can write your own message on the blanks with any permanent marker pen, & instructions.

"Eddie Burke’s Voodoo Cards – I am not that fond of cards tricks but this is “a trick with cards”, which is different! - Perer Marucci, Canada's leasing magical columnist.

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