Rings of Karma

Rings of Karma

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Diamond rings have an internal meaning according to ancient Tibetan Buddhism. They consider the diamond to be a supreme jewel or gemstone. Representative of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha and believed to have a Karmic connection with anyone who may own or wear them.

Five ladies are requested to each hide one of their rings inside five quality ring boxes (see picture) and to firmly close the lid, while you the performer turn your back on these proceedings.

The boxes are now collected and thoroughly mixed together so that no one can know which ring belongs to each lady.

Opening the boxes in turn but never touching the rings inside, you connect with the ring’s Karma and correctly identify and then return the ring to its owner!

You can if you wish give a short reading and the mythical and mystical meaning of each gemstone, or you can locate the owners by their body language or other reactions, both silent & verbal or use it as a lie detector test; each lady claiming the ring is not theirs, thus one of them telling a lie which you detect.

Or use a combination of these and other ideas as we suggest several presentations for this brilliant effect, making it truly a first class entertainment for any discriminating audience.

We also give details of two truly fantastic climaxes that often bring audiences to their feet giving you a standing ovation.

Rings of Karma comes complete with quality ring boxes, routines & full instructions. Easy to do!

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