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The speed camera men have been busy putting cameras everywhere in an attempt to catch Speedy the flash-looking blue car with the go-faster red flash on his bonnet all to no avail!

You show four A5 cards one with a picture of Speedy the car, and the other three with cameras which are out to catch him. The cameras are located everywhere – they even erected one in Speedy’s garage!

Now follows a game with Speedy and the other two cameras, Speedy and one camera are turned face down and all three cards mixed and then fanned out – a spectator, playing the part of a traffic warden, has to guess which card Speedy is but just like their cameras they fail to catch him, it’s a picture of a camera and not Speedy at all.

Two cards left and these are mixed backs outwards then a second spectator plays the part of a traffic warden and tries to catch Speedy, but a camera is picked again.
One card left so this MUST be Speedy – but no, it’s another camera. Where can Speedy have got to?

Well the answer is that he is safely in his garage where he is having a full service by Keith the car mechanic, bringing this entertaining effect to an applause pulling climax!

Comes complete with all the A5 laminated picture cards & instructions for a very entertaining routine.

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