Runes Prediction

Runes Prediction

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Ten pocket sized rune stones, plus instructions for an intriguing mental effect using them to both amaze & fascinate your close-up audience!

Cast the stones upon a table or tray and write your prediction, giving this to someone to hold until later, sight unseen by your audience.

Another idea is to draw your prediction in a box of sand, closing the box and leaving it in view.

If you wish, give your spectator a short reading from how the mysterious Runes land, which you explain are ten stones originally used in an ancient alphabet – understood today by only a few people!

Your spectator eliminates nine of the stones leaving just one – their stone of fate, which you claim indicates a long and fruitful life.

Your prediction is now opened by any spectator and matched to the person’s stone of fate – it is an exact match and your miracle is complete!

We supply the ten pocket size Rune stones & instructions for the effect (use your own paper or box of sand) – we leave you to devise your own short readings.

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