Mental Quiz

Mental Quiz

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Carry Mental Quiz in your pocket and it is always ready to perform anywhere at any time; cabaret, stage or close-up!

You ask a spectator to take part in a Mental Quiz; all he has to do is to think of a question that he would like to have answered.

To assist him you hand him some cards with lists of suitable questions upon them.

Using an ordinary pad and felt tipped pen you write an ANSWER in advance to his MENTALLY THOUGHT OF QUESTION and then hand this to another spectator sight unseen by the audience.

Then and only then, does the first person reveal his question and the second person opens your answer and reads it out loud and it is the correct answer!

You can then immediately repeat this with another spectator and another freely thought of question and this time your predicted answer is read out even BEFORE the spectator reveals their mentally thought of question!

A great publicity stunt & a wonderful impromptu effect under any conditions. Has the air of genuine mindreading and takes everyone completely by surprise.

No forcing of the question the spectator has a completely free choice.

Nothing to memorise and nothing difficult. What we supply works it for you. Use any pad or paper for your answer & any pen – even borrowed.

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