Trio Banknight

Trio Banknight

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Tricks with money are always popular, Trio Banknight is a triple Just Chance effect which both you and your audiences will love!

You show six small plastic wallets in a row on your table or displayed on a stand, and a spectator chooses three of them for themselves – leaving the other three for you.

When you open your three wallets they each contain a genuine banknote of varying values, yet the spectator’s wallets hold only pieces of blank paper or hard luck messages!

Nothing else is used save the six unfaked wallets & blank papers which we supply, and the genuine banknotes which you supply.

If performing in cabaret use your own display stand. Close-up you can work it on any flat surface.

This is an outstanding effect that you will enjoy performing, taking up very little room in your pocket or magic case.

The six wallets are supplied to you with full instructions and the effect is easy to do.

Sold at a popular Mr. E price that won’t break the bank!

Only £7.50

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