Freddie Frog

Freddie Frog

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A comical-looking frog vanishes only to reappear on a child’s back!

This is a low cost entertaining effect for your children’s shows but it can also be a lot of fun when performed for adults.

You show an envelope approx. 160 x 220 mm with the picture of a house on the front, inside which through the cut-out open windows and door can be seen the back of a large laminated jumbo size card that fills the house.

When removed this proves to be a picture of Freddie Frog who you claim is the world’s champion hopping frog.

A child is invited forwards and given an examined empty bag to hold in front of him and then Freddie is slipped back inside his house where the back of the card can be seen through the cut-out windows and door.

You claim that Freddie will now jump from his house into the bag held by the child and then back to his house once again. But when he does the children are not convinced at all!

So you offer to repeat it and again you claim that Freddie has jumped; this time however when the Freddie card is shown Freddie has left a message that reads SORRY – HOPPED OFF! together with a lightning flash since he hopped so quickly.

This is a truly effective vanish of Freddie from the laminated card.

Unfortunately however he has not landed inside the bag held by the child – where can he have got to?

The answer proves to be that he has hopped upon the child’s back by mistake (or wherever you wish), where he is discovered by the children when you take the child’s hand and go looking for him! The children letting you know where he is in no uncertain terms!

Freddie the Frog is easy to do and comes complete and ready for you to perform.

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