HandySeal - Odd Bin Item

HandySeal - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. Unconditionally garanteed for one year HandySeal is perfect for sealing playing cards, banknotes and so on in crisp packets, salad bags, bags of sweets, freezer bags, packets of nuts, packs of dried fruit and much more!

Imagine having vanished a card, borrowed watch or burned a borrowed banknote only to have it mysteriously appear in an unopened packet of crisps, sweets or what have you or having your prediction sealed inside a small plastic bag left on view throughout your performance – these and other effective mysteries are all so very simple with HandySeal!

Usually plastic bag sealers are sold at high prices, however our buying power has brought the price of these right down so that you can start to feature many new exciting effects in your show immediately!

Comes with the useful HandySeal gadget, instructions & several suggested miracles for performing sensational effects. Supply your own cards, bags of crisps etc. 1 in stock.

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