Merry Switch Can

Merry Switch Can

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A piece of apparatus that appears perfectly innocent, yet can be used for vanishing, producing, or exchanging items merely by adding or removing the cover from the can!

Perfect for you to use for a Magic Welding effect when separate links of chain or paperclips become joined together. Or drop in some loose beads and a length of thread and make a pretty necklace by magic.

Also ideal to use with our Clown Silks effect, in which a black & white clown is shown, printed on a silk handkerchief and placed into the can. The lid is now shown empty and replaced.

Colours are then plucked by the children from their clothes and placed into the can via a small hole in the lid. When the lid is removed, the clown silk is coloured in the bright colours the children have helped to magically create – and you can still show the can is empty!

Merry Switch Can is of a sturdy metal construction in bright red.

Very easy to work and very deceptive, ideal when working close-up.

Also useful to Mentalists as a billet switching device and for forcing numbers and so forth.

A first class versatile and professional prop that is easy to use, supplied complete with a manuscript of 20 dynamite tricks you can perform with it!

Highly praised by magicians worldwide!

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