The Bat

The Bat

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The Bat is a magical prop that will aid you in some startling magical feats, including the Kinetic Rings routine.

In this one, you have two rings (included with The Bat gimmick) and make them magically cling together but only for you!

Items will also appear and vanish with ease, with no skill needed.

The Bat comes from the same people that gave you The Raven Reel, however The Bat works on a different principle to The Raven, you can still vanish or exchange coins, but it also enables you to accomplish an exiting array of magic;the effects range from amazing table stunts to super psychic effects.

You can also perform many other psychic routines including the stopping a spectator's watch, moving objects, swinging a pendulum inside an upturned glass, moving the needle of a compass, controlling electronics seemingly by psychic power, the puzzling nail and many more.

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