Telepathic Faces - Mre

Telepathic Faces - Mre

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Comedy & audience participation are all the rage.

Here is a presentation used by Eddie Burke on loads of shows as an alternative to his wonderful item ‘Musical Telepathy’ and released complete with his professional script and necessary props for the very first time!

You can use from three to eight audience volunteers who each mentally think of a comical face from your collection of twelve, with names like Football Face, Bags of Money Face, Shopping Spree Face and so on, room for plenty of comedy here!

Nothing is written down and yet one by one you appear to read their minds using body language, facial expressions or what have you – revealing their chosen character in the most incredible but hilarious manner!

We also give you two alternative presentations to this extraordinary routine!

Highly recommended for stage, cabaret and close-up performers who are looking for something really different that is packed with solid entertainment value!

An act you can carry in your pocket!

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