Five of Elephants

Five of Elephants

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This is one of those rare tricks that will fit into anyone’s programme, be they Magician, Mentalist or Entertainer.

It’s a puzzling effect with loads of audience participation and a very funny laugh finish!

Claiming that you will influence the minds of everyone in the audience, you place a jumbo playing card, A5 size and laminated, back outwards in full view of all.

Everyone is now asked to think of a number between one and twenty-six and to follow your instructions in an interesting audience participation experiment in Numerology.

Next, everyone is asked to mentally choose an animal.
The audience all call out the number created only in their own minds and they are all amazed when they all shout out the same number, this being the number “FIVE!”

Then they call out the animal they have all individually selected and amazingly, they all call out “ELEPHANT!”

Saying, “That’s ridiculous, who ever heard of a playing card the Five of Elephants!” You turn the face of the card towards your audience and it is the FIVE OF ELEPHANTS!

Comes with the laminated Jumbo Five of Elephants card & full instructions. A terrific novelty that will fit into your breast pocket and is always ready to perform.

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