Prize Time

Prize Time

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Based on our popular effect Magic Spell, this trick is ideal for Children’s Birthday Parties as four of the children win a lollipop, the birthday child wins a special gift and you are left with your prize – a bottle of nasty medicine!

There is very little for you to set or re-set and the props will all go into the bottom of your show bag taking up very little room, yet with all the audience participation involved this fun trick will fill the stage with comedy & excitement.

Six A5 envelopes each containing a colourful laminated picture are shown and mixed, you show the children how each envelope can be eliminated in turn by Magic & four children receive one to find they have each won a lollipop.

Only two envelopes and pictures are left, one for the birthday child and one for you.

The birthday child magically receives the correct envelope for a special birthday gift – perhaps a small box of sweeties or whatever you wish to give them, leaving you with the final envelope and picture.

The excitement builds as you open your envelope and the children will laugh their heads off when you reveal that your prize is a bottle of nasty medicine from which they insist you take a spoonful, pulling the most horrible faces in the process to the children’s utter delight!

We supply the picture cards & envelopes, plus the entertaining routine – you supply the lollies and special gift, plus a small plastic bottle of red pop and a plastic spoon to represent the Nasty Medicine – and the fun can begin at your very next birthday or christening party, with this simple and direct routine!

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