Voodoo Spell

Voodoo Spell

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Albert Spackman’s Voodoo effect is a magical classic that Eddie has featured many times. Unfortunately it wasn’t suitable for table-hopping as the result was always the same & the cards used couldn't be examined; now these problems have been eliminated with this thrilling new version.

You place a single card face down as your prediction and then show six other cards each of which has an outline drawing of a male figure. All six cards have an X marked on them in different places; head, heart, left arm, right arm, left and right legs which you explain that in Voodoo these are key points when sticking pins into a doll.

The six cards are mixed together and then placed face down in a row. Any spectator names a number from one to six or tosses a die and the card indicated by this number is turned face upwards – let us say that the X on this drawing is at the heart position.

Anyone turns the victim/prediction card face upwards and everyone is startled to see that the heart position is clearly indicated in blood red!

If you wish the lady choosing the VooDoo body part can pretend to stab her partner in the place indicated by the chosen VooDoo card and then stab your prediction; using a harmless toy dagger creating lots of fun and audience participation before you prediction is shown to be correct.

The prediction can be changed at each repeat performance for any of the SIX DIFFERENT Voodoo points and, for example, if the head is chosen then the prediction card is shown with its head missing and with chilling blood red splashes around this area.

Everything can now be left for examination.

Supplied complete & ready for you to perform with all the laminated jumbo cards & full instructions. This unusual effect is easy to do.

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