Body Parts

Body Parts

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Body Parts can be presented as a tongue-in-cheek mini lecture, culminating in a wonderful laugh finish & a strong magical prediction.

From a C5 sized envelope (162 X 229 mm) you tip out a number of jumbo cards each of which has a picture of a part of the human body, there are 16 in all and as you show them the gags & bits of business possible flow quite naturally, making a sort of mini lecture.

With the cards mixed and their faces down, a spectator chooses one of the cards, remembers the body part selected and shuffles it back into the packet, which in turn are then slipped back into the envelope and shaken about to mix them further.

Claiming you have “sensitive fingertips”, you attempt to find the selected body part by touch alone, but something seems to be going wrong and the audience sympathises with your embarrassing predicament.

We are not going to give away what happens next – sufficient to say that you finish the trick triumphantly and in a totally unexpected manner that will produce much laughter and a big hand for you the performer!

No, you don’t have to reveal parts of your own body or anything that may cause anyone embarrassment, so you can safely perform Body Parts for any kind of audience.

At the finish everything can be examined with no clue to your mystery.

Body Parts is very entertaining & easy to do.

Comes with all the body part picture cards, envelope & instructions.

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