50 Tricks with a Change Bag

50 Tricks with a Change Bag

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A change bag is one of the most useful pieces of magical apparatus ever invented. With the aid of a change bag you can make objects appear, disappear and excange one object for another, or force one particular item of many, change the colour of items, cut and restored effects and so much more.

In this low-cost 11-page paperback booklet you will learn magic effects with silks, ropes, cards, money, ribbons and so on.

Armed with a change bag and a few simple props you will soon be performing amazing magic routines in no time at all.

The step-by-step instructions in this booklet will give you all the tips & tricks you will ever need for performing with your magic change bag.

Inside you will find 50 different effects including *Silks from Nowhere, *Paper to Money, *Spirit Writing, *Silk Escape, *Cut & Restored Rope, *Number prediction and much, much more!

You will find good quality various sized change bags elsewhere on this website.

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