Eye Exam

Eye Exam

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Easy to do with a great climax AND fully examinable. It`s two terrific tricks in one. You can perform Eye Exam as a card revelation or a packet trick.

Performed as a packet trick with the theme of a vision test, a four of a kind is shown. The spectator is asked which card was face down, they say none.

The cards are shown and the Heart is face down. One at a time the remaining cards turn face down (showing red backs) then all the cards are face up again.

To test their colour vision, they are asked to name the back colour of the cards (red). All the backs are seen to have blue backs.

To test their vision retention, one card is pocketed, but still four cards are shown.

The cards are turned face down & the spectator is asked to read the top line of an eye chart printed in bold black letters on the backs of ALL four cards which are examinable!

As a card revelation, the spectator selects a card (force)and after several failed tries the magician asks for the name of the selected card and to make sure the card was seen correctly, an eye examination is given.

The trick then finishes as before and the name of the selected card is seen printed on the eye chart!

Eye Exam is very easy (if you can hold two cards together as one that`s all you need to do!).

Also includes a page of additional tips and hints called Eye Exam Extras that give useful hints and tips and a finish where the cards are examinable (thanks to a Paul Harris suggestion).

Also given are neat ideas like how to produce a rubber eyeball at the finish.

You will love this and so will your audience. Limited supply so get yours today!

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