Psychological Memory Test

Psychological Memory Test

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Psychological Memory Test is a terrific close-up effect that is always ready to perform and very easy to do anywhere-anytime.

You show four playing cards with blue backs one at a time, a spectator is requested to try and remember the four cards as they are shown to him twice.

The spectator is now asked how many RED cards there were and then how many BLACK cards, next how many PICTURE cards and then finally to name all four cards – results vary from person to person.

One final question is asked, “What colour were the backs of the four cards?” This one seems easy and the spectator answers, “BLUE!” Imagine their bewilderment when they turn the cards over one by one, as each one is a totally different colour!

•Only four ordinary unfaked cards are used
•No rough & smooth, wax or sticky stuff
•Instant reset perfect for table hopping
•Easy to do and always ready

Comes ready to perform complete with quality Bicycle Poker cards and photo-illustrated instructions.

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