You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two

You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two

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Do you want to give the impression that you are a master pickpocket without the practice involved? Then this is for you!

Two spectators are invited forwards and each receives half a pack of cards, each then selects a playing card, remembers its name and shuffles them back into their half pack.

A rubber band is snapped around their packet of cards and they both drop these packets safely into their pockets. No palming or steals are involved.

Now follows some fun during which, if you can pick pockets, you have the cover and opportunity to do just that and secretly steal a few things such as wallets, watches, combs and other items they happen to be carrying – but don’t worry, you need not learn to do this if you don’t wish to.

Following a fun episode when the audience perception is that you are picking their pockets, you ask the first gentleman to name his card out loud, he does so and then removes his packet of cards from his pocket.

When these are checked his chosen and named card is missing and you take it from your pocket – it is clear to the audience that you somehow picked his pocket and stole away his chosen card.

Turning to the second gentleman you immediately reveal the name of the card he chose, explaining that in picking his pocket you took a peek at his chosen card as well.

He also removes his packet of cards to find his card is also missing. Where is it? Well not only did you pick his pocket but you secreted his card into the most unexpected place you can imagine, bringing the effect to an hilarious and applause-pulling finish!

Comes with the special fakes that make this effect possible for use with a Bicycle poker size deck (no deck supplied), & instructions.

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