Your Future Foretold

Your Future Foretold

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Here is a prediction effect that can be performed stand-up or as a strolling close-up effect. Very easy to do & extremely baffling, the surprise finish has also a good laugh for everyone! Based on Eddie’s effect ‘Fred the Red’ this variation is perfect for every occasion and you will perform it often!

You ask a lady in the audience if she would like a reading concerning her future and on confirmation of this, she names out loud any playing card in a pack of fifty-two, please note there is no force she really does have a free choice of ANY card.

Your pack of cards are shown to have blue backs and each one has a different prediction written on the back of it, the lady’s freely chosen card is removed and passed to the lady – she is completely taken aback to discover that she has selected the only red-backed card in a blue-backed pack, but when she reads out the chosen ‘secret desire’ written on the back she is also totally amazed when her secret desire immediately comes true.

(No rough & smooth).

We are not going to reveal the ending here, sufficient to say that it is very strong indeed and a good laugh finish for all!

Comes with bridge sized cards, comedy something else you will need, pen & instructions.

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