Clown Nose Red 2-inch

Clown Nose Red 2-inch

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The most comfortable red Clown Nose that one can wear. Made of squidgy soft sponge with a small hole and a slit at the back to fit all nose sizes.

Ideal to use in sponge ball routines.

With two of these Clown Noses you could perform the continual appearance of clown noses as per the Multiplying Bananas with you insisting that you don't want it on your nose and putting it into your pocket and the children insisting that you do and so another one magically appears!

Children of all ages love this wonderful bit of business.

If you want to be a clown then be a red-nosed clown, this super soft red sponge Clown's Nose will make it easier for you.

No instructions are needed or supplied. Sold individually at a price that's not to be sneezed at!

Only £1.99

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