Pentall Book Test

Pentall Book Test

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Sorry no picture. This has to be the easiest but one of the most baffling book tests ever! Use any book – even a borrowed one and predict a word or line from that book or have them concentrate on their selection and immediately read their mind!

We supply a clever gimmick that you can carry in your pocket that makes this effect 100% practical and yet so easy to do!

The gimmick does most of the work for you, so you only have to present this.

The effect is set up in a moment but will be talked about by your audiences for years.

Remember the following points:
•Easy to do yet completely baffling.
•Do it as soon as you have read the instructions.
•Use your own or even a borrowed book.
•No counting, throwing dice or mathematics involved.
•Special gimmick can be handled by an audience member.
•No finger, thumb or other breaks held in the book.
•No playing cards, swami gimmicks or plastic inserts.
•Book can be left around for anyone to examine.
•No peeks, billets, one ahead, mirrors or reflectors.

Ideal for close-up, cabaret or stage and sold at a terrific low price.

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