Tiger Tizzie

Tiger Tizzie

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Sorry no picture. Tiger Tizzie is a great fun trick for children of all ages especially as they can make lots of Tiger and other animal noises.

Tizzie is a young Tiger finding his way in the world, he likes nothing better than chasing the monkeys in the jungle up the trees so plenty of scope for getting the children to make monkey noises here.

Mum & Dad Tiger are now shown – more Tiger noises from the children.

His parents think Tizzie should be spending more time at home, so they organise a game of hide & seek – and you turn Tizzie and Mummy Tiger backs outwards, then the children have to guess which one is Tizzie – of course they miss each time.

Eventually Tizzie vanishes altogether – leaving Grandma Tiger in his place – where on earth can he be?

The answer is that he is back in the jungle practising his growling noises (the children will oblige) and chasing the monkeys up the trees (an opportunity for more monkey noises here).

The children will have a wonderful time!

Comes complete with four laminated jumbo A5 (approx 148mm x 210mm) picture cards, depicting the Jungle, Tizzie Tiger, Mum, Dad, Grandma Tiger, & routine.

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