Dog & Bone Mystery - giant A4 size

Dog & Bone Mystery - giant A4 size

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A really great & ideal magic routine for children & family audiences; available in two sizes; Jumbo A5 (approx. 148x210) and Giant A4 (approx. 210x297) An exclusive FUN packed routine by Eddie Burke.

You show a cute picture of your young dog Fido, who is looking most unhappy as he hasn’t got a bone to chew, so he is placed back inside his kennel. You now display four different types of bones that Fido prefers.

A (birthday) child chooses one of these which proves to be Fido’s favourite and then, after a couple of failed tries, you eventually magically cause the bone to vanish.
“Where can the bone have got to?”

The children will soon tell you that Fido will have it – so you remove the picture to show not the bone in Fido’s mouth but your folded newspaper, which at first you fail to notice until the children point it out. “Fido fetches me this every day. He is such a clever dog he really does deserve to receive his favourite bone!”

Fido goes back into his kennel while the children say your magic words, wave wands and all the usual magical business – and this time when he is removed there in his mouth is the favourite bone as chosen by the (birthday) child giving your young audience another opportunity to applaud your clever magic!

You can use any prop you already own to vanish the bone, a Devil’s Handkerchief, Tarbell Cone, Changing Bag.

Comes with three laminated picture cards, four laminated cut-out bones & a special three-way changing window envelope dressed up as the Dog House.

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