Zodiac Wheel - Mr E

Zodiac Wheel - Mr E

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Based on our ever-popular Perverse Prediction Clock this is the perfect display item for your close-up and parlour magic, and we even supply a routine for stand-up performers that doesn't use the Zodiac Wheel.

A laminated Zodiac Wheel (5.5 inches, 12.5cm) is placed face upwards upon a table, a lady from your audience mentally and freely chooses her Zodiac sign from the usual twelve and using its number on the Wheel playing cards are counted to by your spectator from the shuffled packet and then hidden from your sight.

Twelve more cards are now placed around the Wheel at the various Zodiac symbols and after a few questions concerning the lady’s favourite colour, flower and taste in jewellery you are able to correctly and mysteriously reveal her merely thought-of Zodiac sign.

Next you turn over the card that by chance has been placed against her Zodiac sign and let’s say it is the Queen of Hearts, the lady herself turns over the Zodiac Wheel to reveal underneath a clear plastic pocket containing a single prediction playing card which when turned over also proves to be the Queen of Hearts!

Just when your audience think that your prediction effect is complete the lady turns over all the other cards that are being used and each and every one of them is a blank-faced card!

Very easy to do, a professional presentation that you will love to perform.

Comes complete with the special packet of quality Bicycle poker-sized blank-faced playing cards, a set of prediction cards, laminated Zodiac Wheel, routine & instructions.

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