Sponge Vanishing Microphone & Comedy Prop

Sponge Vanishing Microphone & Comedy Prop

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Imagine coming on stage with a radio style microphone which refuses to work - so you pop it into a paper bag and screw it up so that it has vanished!

This humorous Sponge Vanishing Microphone is great for comedy and entertaining children and adults with magic.

The included instructions explain how to perform the hilarious Vanishing Microphone & Appearing Microphone routines. This effect is more than just a trick ; it is a complete routine!

Please note: these instructions assume that the performer is a man however the first part of this trick works equally well for a woman. In the second part of the effect known as 'The Pete Heylands' Appearing Mike', an adaptation for a female performer will be described.

Sponge Microphone length approximately 10 1/2" (27cm).

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