Re-Cycled Gum

Re-Cycled Gum

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Magically transform a blob of gum into its original
condition complete with the wrapper! Easy-to-do.

This unusual trick is certain to put a few laughs into your magical routine and amaze your friends and audiences!

Ask your friend or a spectator if they would like a piece of chewing gum and when they reply in the affirmative – reach into your pocket or behind your lapel and remove a blob of gum that you appear have been chewing previously!

When they decline your kind offer – you say that you will stretch the blob out for them – stretching it between your fingers until it magically becomes a stick of chewing gum.

Your friend appears to be still not happy and so you wave it in the air and the stick of gum is now magically wrapped and can be handed to your friend!

An easy to perform magic trick that is certain to get people laughing and applauding!

Comes with the special gimmick & instructions.

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