Boston Box, USA Half-Dollar Size

Boston Box, USA Half-Dollar Size

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You show an innocent-looking 24-carat gold-plated box. You take a few USA half-dollar coins which you allow a spectator to drop into the box and cover them with the lid.

The box is now put on the back of your hand and you tap the top with your forefinger or a magic wand & abracadabra! The coins penetrate the solid box and your hand!

An amazing box for doing tricks with coins.

Please note that this box is ONLY suitable as a BOSTON BOX for USA half-dollar sized coins, these are available from banks and coin shops. You can say that they are left over from your holiday.

Can also be used as an Okito Box with British £2 or any sized coins.

Comes with handsome 24-carat Boston Box (approx 0.5" high x 1.5" in diameter) in its own plastic box & instructions.

Only £12.99

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