Ball Thru' Bolt

Ball Thru' Bolt

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You show a hexagonal block with a solid brass bolt threaded through the entire block and locked at the other end with a nut.

Place a 5/8 inch steel ball on a hole going straight through the hexagonal block and it appears impossible for the ball to penetrate the bolt.

Ask your spectators to concentrate their combined mental powers on the ball together with your own.

Suddenly the ball mysteriously and visibly penetrates the bolt, dropping out through the bottom into a spectator's outstretched palm!

With just a little practice you can perform this most stunning penetration of solid through solid trick and completely baffle the most discerning observer, and it is not difficult to do.

The brass parts of this handsome prop are 24-carat gold plated, with polyurethane lacquering for a bright gleaming finish and long lasting service, probably the best model of this popular and exciting effect on the magical market today!

Comes complete with a carrying pouch & pictorially illustrated instructions in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

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