Bottle Glass - Glass Bottle

Bottle Glass - Glass Bottle

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Based on the famous Two-Card Monte, this is a great fun trick for both children’s & family shows – yet it packs flat in the bottom of your showcase & requires no special set-up! Very easy to do.

You show two laminated large A5 cards both back and front. One shows the picture of a bottle while the other one shows a glass.

One card is turned face upwards and the other is turned face down.

Hide the bottle behind your back and ask the audience which one is face down in your hand at the front, they will say the glass but no, the two items have magically changed places with each other.

Repeat it again and still they change places. Please note that only two cards are used – no extra cards are involved – it is most puzzling!

You can even allow a spectator to sit on one of the cards and still they magically change places.

As well as being a great lead in to any Passé Passé routine or Multiplying Bottles routine, this is a great visual effect on its own.

Comes with the special picture cards & instructions.

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