Metamorpho Spots - Odd Bin Item

Metamorpho Spots - Odd Bin Item

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You show an empty black can that has white spots on it, together with two silk handkerchiefs – one black and one white.

“This is a white handkerchief dyed black and this is a black handkerchief bleached white” you say, “And this is my black and white transformation tank, which will change the white handkerchief black and the black handkerchief white!”

You now place the two silks into the can and say a magic word, when you remove them you say, “There, you see the white silk dyed black is now white again and the black silk bleached white is now black again!”

The audience will not be long in telling you that nothing has happened and you appear hurt at this accusation that you are trying to deceive them so blatantly and offer to make the transformation a little easier for everyone to follow – replacing the silks into the can.

Magically you pass your hand down the front of the can and appear to wipe off all the white spots leaving the can completely black.

The “invisible spots” you now toss into the can and this time when the silks are removed it is seen that they are both spotted; the black silk now has white spots and the white silk has black spots, as you say, “And wonder of wonders – the white silk dyed black which is now white has black spots on it – and the black silk bleached white which is now black has white spots upon it – well that’s my story and I am sticking to it!”

The sudden disappearance of the spots off the can and the surprising reappearance of spots on the handkerchiefs are a sure-fire applause and laughter puller with any audience children or adults.

For the busy professional entertainer Metamorpho Spots has a real bonus in that it is re-set in a moment, both you and your audiences are going to love it.

Comes with the special can and four fine silk handkerchiefs for easier working. 1 in stock.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering please check with us what extra postage will be needed. Thank you.

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