Eyes of the Mystic

Eyes of the Mystic

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Based on an old but seldom seen comedy item, this will put both mystery and laughter into your magic or mentalism act!

You show a laminated picture of a Mystic man in a red turban, but with the eyes cut out – explaining that if anyone looks through these eyes they can mysteriously see into the minds of others.

To prove this, several playing cards are chosen by various members of the audience and concealed in their pockets.

By looking through the mystic’s missing eyes, you the performer are able to accurately reveal the chosen cards, but the audience are not convinced that looking through the eyes of the picture is how you are reading their minds.

One more card is selected and this time you allow a spectator to look through the eyes for themselves – peering at the person who chose the final card and trying to read their mind, at first they experience a little difficulty.

However when you adjust the focus they are able to name a playing card – and lo and behold it is the very same card that the spectator has chosen and hidden in their pocket!

This splendid item can be performed as a tongue-in-cheek mindreading effect without the audience having a clue as to how the spectator knew the card, or as a comedy stunt in which you have actually predicted the final card and secretly pass this information to any spectator you like.

Alternatively the entire audience can reveal the last card – to the astonishment of the participating spectator!

Comes with the colourful A4 laminated Mystic picture & instructions. Use your own pack of playing cards.

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